Introduction to Conversations for Life and Legacy™

Thank you for stopping by.
My name is Rabbi David Levin and I would like to share with you
Conversations for Life and Legacy™.

What are Conversations?
The dictionary calls conversations informal talks about issues.
And that is what Conversations for Life and Legacy™ are.

But they go a step further.

Because THESE Conversations are with people you care about.
They can be with children, a partner or spouse, or a dear friend. In other words, these are talks about things that we desire to share with someone that we care about.

And by the way, that someone also includes our self.

First and foremost is knowing that you have something important to share. Each of us has lived a life that is filled with experiences.

These have shaped our view of the world, influenced how we relate to others, and have helped us or challenged us in our search for meaning.

So in essence, because of our experiences and life lessons, we are all teachers.
Educated in the school of life.

As Parents,
from the moment we bring life into the world,
We start teaching and we never stop.

At every step along the way,
our children learn from us
about values
about living a life of meaning.

With every passing day,
we continue to have more life experiences
and that means that we are always in a position to teach,
we always have something relevant to contribute.

So Conversations is not something that should be postponed until the end.

For starters, we are never quite sure when that is,
so as the old saying goes,
“There is no time like the present.”
Sharing with people we care about is always timely.
If we are so blessed,
we can have another conversation,
but the time to start sharing your thoughts is NOW.

As I mentioned earlier, these Conversations for Life and Legacy™ are also for ourselves.
In Hebrew, we might call it a Cheshbon HaNefesh-
an accounting of the Soul.
This is our opportunity to review and reflect on our lives.
Are we on the path we intended?  Or have we strayed?
And if so, what might we do to get back on track?
This is the important conversation that each of us needs to have with ourselves.

Conversations for Life and Legacy™ is an extraordinary gift.
Based in Jewish Wisdom and sometimes called an Ethical Will, Conversations for Life and Legacy™ actually builds upon that Wisdom and delves much further than the traditional Ethical Will.

I witnessed the power of these conversations firsthand.  At our Seder table, we have a unique family ritual that comes at the end of our celebration.

My mother-in-law places a CD in the Boombox and presses the play button. The CD is a re-recording of a cassette tape.

The room fills with the voice of her mother Rose telling a story recorded some 50 years ago at another family Seder.  I watch my mother-in-law, the matriarch of the family, sit and become transfixed.  She becomes absorbed as she welcomes her mom into the dining room, transported back to another time and place. The power and emotion of this experience is almost overwhelming and it was then that I realized the importance of this gift of Conversations.

Let me help you share the extraordinary gift of Conversations for Life and Legacy™. I look forward to accompanying you on this amazing journey.