Synagogues/JCC’s & Communities of Caring

Conversations for Life and Legacy™ brings extraordinary benefits to the synagogue, deepening relationships among members in common areas of interest and also intergenerationally.

The synagogue promotes the use of Conversations for Life and Legacy™ people can gather together to share personal stories.  Often people of same generations find resonance with the stories of others.  A shared culture and time creates common points of reference.  Hearing one persons’ story will trigger memories that you have to share.  It is at that point that the magic of connection begins to happen.  As stories trigger stories and memories are brought to into the room, a deeper relationship takes hold.  We begin to realize that we share so much in common. Common life experience also reveals shared values.  We form deeper and closer connections to one another with the Synagogue as our place of meeting.


  • Lectures and Classes to learn about Conversations for Life and Legacy
    Sponsored times to learn Conversations for Life and Legacy™, text studies, methods and techniques including Video Ethical Wills.
  • Workshops to share stories and deepen relationships
    What are the things we share?  Finding what we have in common brings us together and urges us to build relationships.  The synagogue becomes a social center for those finding friends.
  • L’Dor VaDor– Connecting the generations
    Conversations for Life and Legacy™ is an opportunity for generations to talk with one another.  Young people use Video technology to learn life stories as shared by parents and grandparents.

The synagogue traditionally fulfills three purposes as a:

  • House of gathering (Beit Knesset)
  • House of learning (Beit Midrash)
  • House of prayer (Beit Tefillah)

Conversations for Life and Legacy™ draws on the first two pillars as a source of strength and opportunity.  They provide synagogues new ways to understand and serve the community in these two very important functions.

Conversations for Life and Legacy™ is a place of gathering and brings people together.  Sharing a common purpose, people can use the synagogue as a place to meet friends both old and new, deepening connections as people learn about each other and what they have in common.  “Conversations” can become a starting point to develop a deeply caring community where people find support and friendship in times of celebration and sorrow.

Conversations for Life and Legacy™ presents a unique opportunity to reach across generations, L’Dor VaDor.  Young people can use their facility with technology to create videos of both parents and grandparents.  We teach the B’nei Mitzvah class and the Confirmation class how to create imaginative interviews.  Through this video, families share stories we often do not get to learn but now become part of the living family legacy.   This special approach also creates newfound closeness among the generations as parent and child have learned deeply and intimately about each other in this nurturing and fun process.

Conversations for Life and Legacy™ is a place of learning.  The ideas of Conversations for Life and Legacy™ create opportunities to learn about oneself and the great wisdom that is contained in the tradition. Conversations for Life and Legacy™ develops into a platform for meaningful study into many facets of our rich tradition.

Schedule Rabbi David Levin to come to your community and share the wisdom and insights of Conversations for Life and Legacy™.