The Power of Video

One of my favorite movies is Casablanca.  It is a beautiful love story that demonstrates an important lesson in the power of Conversations for Life and Legacy™ combined with video.

Even those of us who know the story well can watch the movie over and over (if you have not yet seen it, I heartily recommend you watch)- We embrace Rick as a flawed but courageous and noble hero, not the cynical bar owner at the beginning of the film.  As he and Ilsa reconcile Rick shares with her “We will always have Paris.”  Ilsa might have hoped that in her heart, but the memory of their love was incomplete until Rick said those words to her.  Only then did she know their love was real and enduring.

How much more powerful is the message when it is stated and not inferred?   What is the legacy you want to leave?  What is the message of your life that you want to make sure your children and grandchildren remember?

The video enhances our understanding of the moment.  Seeing Ilsa’s glistening eyes as she takes Rick’s message into her heart gives his words a power they did not have alone.  Seeing the scene play out makes this moment come alive every time I see it.

This is the power of the Video of Conversations for Life and Legacy™.  We can hear the words and see the face bringing those special thoughts alive each time we see them.  That is the extraordinary gift of Conversations for Life and Legacy™.