Conversations for Life and Legacy®

(So much more than an Ethical Will)

Conversations for Life and Legacy® is a gift that serves to bind our generations and affirm our stories and our values.

As parents, we are teachers. The wisdom of our life experiences and our values are gifts that we share with our children.

Judaism has embraced this concept from early in the book of Genesis and throughout our history. From the Patriarchs to the individual Jew, we have gleaned wisdom and shared it with those who would come after. Conversations for Life and Legacy® embraces our on-going role as teacher and nurturer.

These Conversations for Life and Legacy® are also our opportunity to reflect during our own life journey. Conversations for Life and Legacy® become a Cheshbon HaNefesh, an opportunity to review our lives, to confirm we are on our proper path, and if not, consider how to get back onto it.

This new approach also makes Conversations for Life and Legacy® an on-going life project to be shared with those we love as well, not only a look back after all is complete. Recording and sharing experiences as we have them can create deeper bonds in existing relationships. Our children get to know us in profound ways by hearing the reflections of our experiences when we faced them as they now encounter that situation in their own lives.

Conversations for Life and Legacy® is a gift that serves to bind our generations and affirm our stories and our values.



Using Video to Create a Unique, Enduring Legacy for You and Your Loved Ones

From our life experiences, we make memories and create wisdom. Through this process, we produce meaning and connection for ourselves and to others. This is the essence of Conversations for Life and Legacy®

We craft stories, which synthesize what we have learned from life experiences. Our desire to understand who we are and share our wisdom with others that deepen the important relationships we have with others. We share our stories in order to share ourselves because we care about our loved ones and we care that our own lives matter. The stories we tell reflect our values and our understanding of the world around us. These are personal sacred stories that give meaning to our lives.


The 4 primary reasons to share our story:

  • Cheshbon HaNefesh– Reflecting on our own journey
  • Blessings– Sharing our aspirations with the next generations
  • Teaching– Sharing the wisdom we have learned on our journey
  • Connection– Speaking in real time to the next generation



Synagogues/JCC’s & Communities of Caring

Conversations for Life and Legacy® Scholar in Residence

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Conversations for Life and Legacy® is a gift that serves to bind our generations. We use the synagogues as platforms to teach and engage anyone interested in exploring this extraordinary practice.

I teach Conversations for Life and Legacy® as a scholar-in-residence or lecturer at synagogues, Jewish Community Centers, and other settings to share this new perspective and power of the extraordinary gift our tradition has bequeathed us.

Conversations for Life and Legacy® strengthens the congregations it serves by creating an affinity group based on shared values.  Relationships and bonds grow deeper as people realize they share common values with others in this special place of community.



Lectures, Classes & Workshops

Weekends and single days are available

January 5, 2018
KleinLife Center
Philadelphia, PA
February 2, 2018
West Laurel Hill Cemetery
Bala Cynwyd, PA
March 6, 2018
Temple Beth Or
Dresher, PA
March 13, 2018
Temple Beth Or
Dresher, PA
Spring 2018
Beth Chaim
Malvern, PA